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Stage 1: To get a unicycle.


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Stage 2 : To hold on the unicycle

* At first, ajust the height of your saddle so that your leg is almost tended when the pedal is in bottom. Your saddle is approximately at the height of your navel.


* Find a place where the ground is flat (and smooth: ) and where there is a wall or a slope. The best is a long and narrow corridor.

* Hold your unicycle in front of you, the pedal opposed to the wall in bottom. 


* Put the saddle between your legs and put your foot on the lower pedal. One of your hands holds the saddle, the other is on the wall or the slope. 

* Then, put your other foot on the second pedale and sit on the saddle.

Now, try to find your balance by sitting comfortly on your saddle.




* To go down your unicycle, the simplest is to stop when one of your feet is in down position,  and put to the other foot on the ground. In any case, that will quickly become natural.



Stage 3 : To ride (with assistance)

* Make the stage 2.

Now, you will go along the wall (or the slope). Therefore, push down on your pedals to go. Stood up and look far away in front of you. 


* Ask a frined to help you. Hold his shoulder and go. You will soon ride as long as you want. Next stage: riding alone


Stage 4 : Hold on the unicycle

* Hold your unicycle in front of you.

* Take the saddle between your legs.

* The first pedal is down. Put one foot on it. 


* Put the other foot on the other pedal. It will give you an implusion, continue going, you're riding!




Stage 5 : To Ride without assistance.


There is no secret to ride without assistance. it's the same thing that wihtout. You simply have to try and retry, till you feel able to ride a few meters.